Keith Munro set up SOaR in April 1996 as a local evangelism resource. It is currently believed that as many a 96% of children and young people in the UK are unreached. Many churches do not have any children or young families. Our heart is to reach these generations of people. Our vision is to work with local churches and to help them in their mission to share the Good News of Jesus with children, young people, and their families.

Our approach has schools at the heart of what we do. We seek to do this in partnership with the local church, and experience has shown that working in schools will often lead to building a relationship with its constituency. Our work in schools includes assemblies, RE lessons and setting up Christian Unions, after school and lunchtime clubs. We also run various events with schools, currently “Wow! Christmas Just Got Real!”, “The Great Big Meal” Easter event, and also more recently Prayer Spaces.

We also invest into the discipleship of Christian young people. They are the best witnesses amongst their friends in school. As part of this we run regular events for Christian young people to gather together for teaching, worship and encouragement. We also run an annual mission week in the summer holidays which teaches and provides hands on training in evangelism in the community.

SOaR works very closely with the Loughborough Churches Partnership, worshipping, praying and reaching out to the town. We will take a leading role in joint outreach and we lead the Loughborough Town Chaplaincy that is there for anyone in the retail space.