Since its start Soar has been providing lessons and assemblies throughout schools in north Leicestershire. We’re able to cover numerous topics or themes including; bible stories, Christian doctrine, Christian ethics and also Question and Answer sessions where children or young people ask us whatever they want about the Christian faith. They are great ways to meet curriculum and help children and young people learn about Christianity.

At SOAR we are passionate about pastoral care. Our work is ultimately about people and wanting to seem them step into all that they were made to be. We know pastoral care plays a vital role in this. We are here to assist schools in their pastoral care with children and young people. Whether this is the giving of our time, helping run lunchtime or afterschool clubs or engaging the wider community we want to bless schools in this vital work.

Prayer spaces are a great way of helping children and young people explore and engage with spirituality and prayer. The activities are creative and engaging and content can be shaped depending on the curriculum. They provide a safe environment for participants to explore their own spirituality, process emotions and thoughts and engage in world issues.

Christian Unions provide a great space for Christian young people to gather together to support and encourage one another and to reach out and bless their school. They can happen at lunchtime or after school and are also a great opportunity for young people interested in faith to come and explore. Our heart at Soar is to see young people empowered and released in leading CUs to encourage one another and to bless their school.

We are able to provide and support a variety of lunchtime and afterschool clubs to cater to different needs. Whether these are active, creative, exploring faith and spirituality, or helping meet needs in the local community we aim to be a blessing to schools and the wider community.